> Hi there!

Recently, I modified a Galaxy-intended velvet script so that the user would
be able to put in his/her desired output directory ( the original script
does not allow this). I just used a text box so as to ask for the output
directory path (e.g. /home/galaxy/outputFolder). Then I just let Perl do
the rest. Maybe in your case, you could just ask for the input and output
directory paths. Then maybe you could just generate a text file that logs
the end status of the process (i.e. whether it has been successful or not).
This text file would be the one that shows up in your history.



> A co-worker has a perl script that takes a directory path, and then
> interates over a the file in that directory and processes them into an
> output directory.
> I want to integrate that into galaxy. I've figured out that I'll need
> to create a tool XML conf with the inputs , outputs etc.
> My question is what param type should I use for a directory, in the
> input and output ? Or maybe what I'm looking for a is an input, output
> type that is a set of file (rather than tying it to a filesystem)
> Sorry for my beginners questions !
> Thanks
> Mac
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