Hi All,

I am pretty new to Galaxy. I would like to understand Galaxy's versioning 
capability from an end-user perspective (i do not mean the versioning 
capability that Mercurial offers in Galaxy repo).

I did some research and found the following link mentioned a use case: if an 
end-user would like to rerun an analysis which was previously run using a 
different version of the analysis program, then Galaxy will prompt the end-user 
whether he/she would like to proceed with the new analysis. From this 
screenshot (in the link), it looks like Galaxy keeps track of the metadata of a 
output data file such as which analysis program and which version of the code 
produce it. is my understanding correct?


If the answer to my above question is yes, then i have one more question. does 
Galaxy version the output data as well? What i means is, for example, if the 
end-user agrees to use a newer version of the code to rerun (answer Yes to 
Galaxy's prompt), will the newly generated output be marked as version #2 as 
oppose to the original output (version #1)? Or it will just simply overwrites 
the previous analysis output file?

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