Hello Galaxy list,

I'm helping a student with a human bioinformatics project. We would like to 
generate a single relative gene expression value for each gene in the human 
genome (for different cell lines of interest) using the RNA-seq data from the 
UCSC archive. We can see raw signal values by displaying the following file as 
a track in the Genome Browser:

Track name: BJ cell pA+ + 1
Table name: wgEncodeCshlLongRnaSeqBjCellPapMinusRawSigRep1
File name: /gbdb/hg19/bbi/wgEncodeCshlLongRnaSeqBjCellPapPlusRawSigRep1.bigWig

But where we get stuck is trying to import the wig into Galaxy to generate 
expression values for each gene. Cufflinks seems like the right tool for the 
output we want, but we're not sure what the inputs are supposed to be. We'd 
appreciate any help you can provide.

Best regards,
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