Hi everyone -

We are targeting a web conference call for Galaxy Deployers/Operators for July 9th or 10th. This teleconference will be held using Elluminate Live/Blackboard Collborate web conference - so all data (including voice) will be over the internet. We have good luck at the University of Iowa with this technology for world wide remote conferences (our Ponseti International group uses it for their large distributed collaboration and others) and we can record our session and post it for playback off of the wiki.

Finding a time that will suit everyone will be a challenge. If you can take a moment to respond to the doodle poll with when you can join a web conference, it will help us find the best time for the majority:


By the way, if you have not found it yet, here is a link the Galaxy Czar wiki page:


Here is a draft agenda for our first call - comments are welcome :

*For our first Mtg.*

* Logistics: Address how we want to tackle these calls. Go over generic agenda. Frequency of calls * Presentation: Galaxy at Iowa: Discuss our issues with big data, how NGS tools take in/output data and finding the right storage server solution. * Group Goals: what do we want to accomplish with this group beyond discussions/sharing?
* Open Mic & recruit new volunteers for the next call.

*My shot at a generic agenda outline - to be customized each User Group Mtg ?
20 min: Galaxy in Our Town. - presentation from a local galaxy institution on what they are doing or a problem they are troubleshooting - or have someone walk through their use cases and pain points. 20 min: Galaxy Today/Tomorrow. - presentation on a galaxy coding item. Either from penn state team, or from someone working on a new feature or customization. 20 mins: Open Mic Discussion & make point to point connections. IE - organize smaller breakouts if someone wants to host a call specific to an issue.

Thanks everyone!

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