Hi Sebastian -

Thanks for letting me know! You can please ignor those times. My meeting URL works dynamically to open up new web conferences. I just opened up the session - but I won't be back onto it until closer to 9 AM central time (Chicago/US) until 8:45am (in about 1 hour).



On 7/9/2012 7:16 AM, Sebastian Schaaf wrote:
Hi Ann,

Just to be sure: you wrote that the web conference will take place at 9:00 AM Central Time (which should be 4:00 PM here in Munich). After clicking on the "join meeting" link to I was wondering that there the timepoint was noted as "May 4, 2012 10:00 AM - May 3, 2013 11:00 AM" (equals 5:00 PM here). Is this due to the daylight saving time or is there another reason for the one hour shift?

Looking forward, thanks for the organization!


Ann Black-Ziegelbein schrieb:
Thank you to everyone who helped provide doodle poll input for the first Czars web conference!

We have set the date:

*Date: *Monday, July 9th
*Time: *09:00 AM Central Time*

Web Conference (this will be recorded and posted for playback):
*We will be using a Blackboard Collaborate web conference. See the section below for more tips on how to use Blackboard Collaborate (Elluminate Live) if you have not used it before.
* Logistics: Address how we want to tackle these calls. Go over generic agenda. Frequency of calls * Presentation: Galaxy at Iowa: Discuss our issues with big data, how NGS tools take in/output data and finding the right storage server solution. * Group Goals: what do we want to accomplish with this group beyond discussions/sharing?
* Open Mic & recruit new volunteers for the next call.

*Blackboard Collaborate (Ellumiate Live!) Tips:

*For our web conferences we will try out Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing software. You do not need any special client, just a web browser and java installed (the client will run as a java web start app). You don't need to use a headset, but if you have one it does improve your audio. I will try to open up the session 15 minutes early for people to join and try out the technology.

A couple of things to mention, when you launch your session - you can tune your connection speed:

Talking works like a walkie-talkie ... you have to select "Talk" (see capture below) to open up your audio line. There can only be 6 simultaneous talkers. Please only select the talk button when you need to actually talk to reduce background noise and to free up lines for others to participate.


Ann Black-Ziegelbein
University of Iowa

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