> A peculiar quirk - I'm configuring a new Galaxy system for production
> use and can't get it to recognise my account as an admin, i.e. the admin
> menu doesn't appear after I've added my email address to the admin_user
> line in the universe file. Of course, I've restarted the instance
> multiple times, checked spelling and so forth. It's just not happening.

> Complication: we're using one Galaxy instance as the webserver with
> another as a job runner. I don't know if this might cause issues.

Thanks to Hans-Rudolf & Peter for possible solutions. The answer actually 
turned out to be my fault - as said, we're running Galaxy as a one db / two 
installation with a webserver/job runner ... and I was putting the admin_user 
in the wrong universe file. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Paul Agapow (paul-michael.aga...@hpa.org.uk)
Bioinformatics, Health Protection Agency (UK)

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