I have some code that makes a plot and creates a legend from a given
column name in the user's input data, which may have arbitrary column

I'd like to create a dropdown list that has all the column names in
it, but I don't know the names beforehand; I won't know them until the
user uploads their data file. So all I can do is have a freeform text
box where I ask the user to type a column name, which seems
error-prone and ugly.

I notice that the XY plotting tool has something sort of like this,
where it can tell how many columns are in your dataset and lets you
choose them, but it calls the columns "c1", "c2", etc.
My datasets have a header line with column names and I want to show
the actual column name, not reference them by column number. Is this

Is there a solution to this? I have a number of use cases like this,
so it would be great if there was.
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