Hi, I've redirected all of my outputs in an other directory with my own
names after each run of tools..

But when the users want to rename their datasets on the history, I would
want that this change occurs on my output files already register in the

So where can I find the xml file of the function "edit attribute" and from
this file, can I take the real name of my output file before the change?

Another question is about the history name : because the users use several
history, I need to know how call the variable of the history name ; for
exemple if an output variable is $output, the history name of this variable
is : $output.history_name ? or $output.history.name? or if this name is not
accessible in this way, may be the history id ? In my first step when I
rename an output, I take the $output.hid which indicate me the number of
the dataset in an history. But I've not found the name of this history.


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