Ah, sorry I missed this.

> From IRC (weeks ago):
> (03:15:01 PM) jmchilton: Ideally, what would the API uri for assigning
> a tag to a histories dataset be? POST to
> api/tags/<tag_name>/<item_class(e.g.
> HistoryDatasetAssociation)>/<encoded_id> or POST to
> api/histories/<history_id>/contents/<dataset_id>/tags/<tag_name> or
> POST to 
> api/tags/<tag_name>?item_class=HistoryDatasetAssociation&encoded_id=<encoded_id>

Both :) An independent /api/tags controller is desirable so that all items with 
a particular tag can be found, but adding tag functionality to object-specific 
controllers would be nice as well. For ease of use, I envision item_class 
supporting both formal and informal notation (e.g. hda, ldda) and being case 

> (03:16:19 PM) jmchilton: And filtering a histories contents by tag,
> would pull request that implemented
> api/histories/<history_id>/contents/<dataset_id>?filter_by_tag=<tag_name>
> be accepted?

Sure, but why would a dataset ID be needed if filtering a history by tag(s)?

> (03:16:56 PM) jmchilton: How about grabbing the unique tags in a
> history, what should that API call look like?

Maybe this:


(where unique=False returns a list of tags for each HDA, potentially producing 
duplicate tags)

> I would just like to reiterate my standing offer to implement this if
> someone from the Galaxy team tells me what they would look like at a
> high level.

Great, looking forward to it.

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