On Dec 4, 2012, at 10:52 AM, Josh Nielsen wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am having issues downloading HTML files from Galaxy the same as is 
> described in this email chain:
> http://lists.bx.psu.edu/pipermail/galaxy-dev/2012-August/010965.html
> I am getting the error "(13)Permission denied: xsendfile: cannot open file: 
> /basedir/galaxy_data/database/tmp/tmp8iEccn/library_download.zip" which is 
> indeed a basic filesystem permissions issue. The problem is that the 
> permissions created for that directory and every directory created in tmp/ 
> look like this: 
> drwx------+   2 galaxy galaxy          3 Dec  4 09:23 tmp8iEccn 
> And I have placed the Apache user in the galaxy group, but as you can see no 
> group permissions ever get set by Galaxy on the directories that it creates 
> (it is getting a 700 permissions setting).
> As Nate Coraor suggested in the message linked to above, I have tried 
> altering the default umask but I ran into issues with getting non-existant 
> results. I use "sudo service galaxy start" as the galaxy user each time to 
> start the server and a "ps -ef | grep galaxy" confirms that Galaxy is running 
> as the galaxy user. Since I use sudo though I changed the sudoers file to 
> include:
> root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
> galaxy  ALL=(ALL)       ALL
> Defaults umask_override
> Defaults umask = 0002
> This changed absolutely nothing. Then I started looking deeper into the PAM 
> configuration and added a umask directive to /etc/pam.d/sudo (and also tried 
> it in password-auth-ac and system-auth-ac) like this: "session        
> optional       pam_umask.so umask=0002". Still nothing changed in the 
> permissions in tmp/ when I tried to download an HTML file: no group 
> permissions were set. Then I dug deeper still and saw that sometimes if 
> setting the mask in /etc/pam.d/ config files is not enough that you can try 
> to set a system-wide mask in /etc/login.defs (following the suggestion here: 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10220531/how-to-set-system-wide-umask). 
> Still no dice. I've pretty much exhausted my know-how in this department. Any 
> other suggestions of how to fix this or where the correct place to set the 
> umask is?

Hi Josh,

Thanks for doing such extensive tests.  Have you tried setting the umask in the 
init script itself?


> Thanks,
> Josh Nielsen

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