Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying. Interestingly I've never dealt with filesystem ACLs
before and I didn't even know that ext3/4 systems had that feature.

Here is my output from those commands:

bash> getfacl tmp8iEccn
# file: tmp8iEccn
# owner: galaxy
# group: galaxy

bash> getfacl tmp
# file: tmp
# owner: root
# group: galaxy

What enforces these ACLs/where can they be tweaked?

P.S. The reason I run Galaxy with sudo is because if I try to do so as just
the Galaxy user it cannot create the process lock files: "touch: cannot
touch `/var/lock/subsys/galaxy`". I suppose I could put the lock files
somewhere else or manually give galaxy group permission to /var/lock/subsys
(not so sure that's a good idea though), but sudo seemed to solve the
problem. You can see my init script in my reply to Nate.


On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 10:06 AM, Paul Boddie <paul.bod...@biotek.uio.no>wrote:

> On 04/12/12 16:52, Josh Nielsen wrote:
>> I am getting the error "(13)Permission denied: xsendfile: cannot open
>> file:
>> /basedir/galaxy_data/database/**tmp/tmp8iEccn/library_**download.zip"
>> which is
>> indeed a basic filesystem permissions issue. The problem is that the
>> permissions created for that directory and every directory created in tmp/
>> look like this:
>> drwx------+   2 galaxy galaxy          3 Dec  4 09:23 tmp8iEccn
>> And I have placed the Apache user in the galaxy group, but as you can see
>> no group permissions ever get set by Galaxy on the directories that it
>> creates (it is getting a 700 permissions setting).
> Isn't the trailing + character an indication of ACLs being set on the
> directory? What do the following say...?
> getfacl /tmp/tmp8iEccn
> getfacl /tmp
> If you do have ACLs involved, it may be the case that various masks are
> being enforced via that mechanism.
> Paul
> P.S. I'm not sure that making the galaxy user a "sudoer" would have any
> effect unless the user was attempting to gain privileges, which would be a
> pretty scary way of running Galaxy, I would have thought.
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