Hi Everyone,
Is there a way to directly copy files from galaxy with the proper file
name? I'm currently using the galaxy API to download files via HTTP, but it
is very slow and would like to speed up the process of copying files
directly, but am having a hard time getting the proper file names.

Are there any suggestions on how to copy files directly from galaxy without
HTTP and with the proper filenames?

# Looking up files via API
$ ./display.py <api_key>
Member Information
ldda_id: 32ff5cf1b96c1df7
misc_blurb: 10,028,615 lines
name: H3K9me3_L3_FE_2.wig
data_type: txt
file_name: /galaxy-central/database/files/000/dataset_733.dat
uploaded_by: rp...@bu.edu
template_data: {}
genome_build: ?
model_class: LibraryDataset
misc_info: uploaded txt file
file_size: 48439126
metadata_data_lines: 10028615
id: 32ff5cf1b96c1df7
date_uploaded: 2012-12-15T01:53:08.655366
metadata_dbkey: ?

# Downloading files using a URL like

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