Dear Galaxy Developers, 

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I'm having issues downloading files (which is an issue I didn't used to have), 
particularly ones which have >50 columns. These can be uploaded, but then 
cannot be downloaded from the server.

I have attached an example txt file and can provide other examples (via a 
shared history) of files that I can no longer download.



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#CHROM  POS     ID      REF     ALT     #CHROM_POSREF-ALT       QUAL    FILTER  
INFO    FORMAT  AL1     AL-2R   AL-3R   AL-4R   AL1 Adj AL-2R Adj       AL-3R 
Adj       AL-4R Adj       Consequence     Is_deleterious_consequence      
Filter_for_unique_deleterious_consequence       GeneName        GeneDesc        
Cytoband        RefSeq_mRNA     RefSeq_peptide  Gene_(Ensembl_DB_vers_64)       
Feature Feature_type    Canonical       ENSP    cDNA_position   CDS_position    
Protein_position        Amino_acids     Codons  COSMIC_count    COSMIC_ids      
OMIM_count      OMIM_ids        Condel  PolyPhen        SIFT    
dbSNP_134_Somatic_or_Germline   dbSNP_134_is_Clinical   
dbSNP_134_Clinical_Significance dbSNP_134_Global_Minor_Allele_Frequency 
AL1_Variation_type      AL-2R_Variation_type    AL-3R_Variation_type    
AL-4R_Variation_type    AL1_Read_depth  AL-2R_Read_depth        
AL-3R_Read_depth        AL-4R_Read_depth        AL1_Variant_reads       
AL-2R_Variant_reads     AL-3R_Variant_reads     AL-4R_Variant_reads     
AL1_Variant_frequency   AL-2R_Variant_frequency AL-3R_Variant_frequency 
AL-4R_Variant_frequency AL1_Bidirectional_reads AL-2R_Bidirectional_reads       
AL-3R_Bidirectional_reads       AL-4R_Bidirectional_reads       x
6       32489675        rs138785601     T       C       6_32489675T-C   796.77  
  GT:AD:DP:GQ:PL  "0/0:3,0:3:5.96:0,6,43" ./.     "1/1:1,23:24:39.35:612,39,0"  
  "0/1:56,15:71:99:228,0,1281"    0/0     ./.     1/1     0/1     
"SPLICE_SITE,INTRONIC"  N       N       HLA-DRB5        "major 
histocompatibility complex, class II, DR beta 5 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4953]"  
 p21.32  NM_002125       NP_002116       ENSG00000198502 ENST00000374975 
Transcript      YES     ENSP00000364114 .       .       .       .       .       
.       .       .       .       .       .       .       unspecified     .       
.       .       SNV     N/A     SNV     SNV     3       0       23      69      
        0       23      15      0       0       1       0.22    N       N/A     
N       N       
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