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> We have SNP microarrays about hundreds of subjects. In particular, samples
> were processed on the Illumina Infinium HumanExome BeadChip, with 951,117
> markers.. Our project is collaborative, so we've a couple of dozen users in
> multiple countries. I'm happy to run my own Galaxy instance and create user
> accounts.
> But I need to be able to upload tables (in tsv files) describing the
> subjects, with attributes such as IDs, phenotype, gender, age, etc. And
> then I want to associate data files (idat, GenomeStudio genotype, etc.)
> with the subjects. Does Galaxy support this functionality, or can I add it
> easily?

A default installation can do a lot with TSV files, so I think that part is

Can you provide more information on how you want to associate the files?
What will that association look like?  If you just want file names in
additional columns, then I think that should be workable too.

If you are looking for more sophisticated bundling, Galaxy does have
support for complex data types where you can bundle together multiple
files, but I haven't worked with it yet, and I suspect it is non-trivial.  (
*Can someone on the list comment on that?*)

> Feel free to forward this email if you're not the right person to answer
> it.
> I did!  I have forwarded this to the Galaxy development list.


Dave C.

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