Hi all,

There is a problem when viewing Galaxy from the Ipad if the Tool or History 
menu needs to scroll.  Iframes do not render scrolling properly on Ios5 or 
later (even when using 2-finger scroll method). Has anyone had this issue and 
been able to fix it? We're showing off Galaxy at the PAG conference and we'll 
be using Ipads to display the page.

Right now I'm trying to wrap contents of the toolMenuContainer in a div with 
style="-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;", but I could use some help since the 
toolMenu containing the tools gets inserted before my div.  If I could just 
have it render one line down:

Source looks like:
<body class="toolMenuContainer">
    <div class="toolMenu"> ..Tools.. </div>
    <div class="menuWrapper">
          <div class="toolMenu"> ..Workflow.. </div>


Carrie Ganote
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