I cannot determine if I have a tool error or a bug and I am getting
errors when I try to report the problem so I am not sure where to send
a request for help. I hope i have directed this to the correct place
for assistance.

I have used Galaxy's main web tools many times successfully so I am
familiar with the formats etc. I have now installed Galaxy locally. I
successfully uploaded a Fastq file, converted it's format etc. However
I cannot get the Fasta manipulation tools to work. When I attempted to
use Fasta Width formatter I got the message "dataset_2.dat.Z: No such
file or directory /bin/sh: fasta_formatter: command not found" I can't
interpret whether that is the file it can't find or the command... it
sounds like both?

I've had similar errors on the other tools.

When I tried to use the bug report to request help I got the error
"Mail is not configured for this galaxy instance" so I can't report
the problem.

I suspect there is something wrong with my local install (are tool
installed separately?) but I'd appreciate any insight into the problem
or the best place to direct my question.

The exact details are as follows:

-using new local install (Mac  OS 10.8, Python newest version, Galaxy
downloaded today)
-don't know what an hg pull number is
-bug occurred around Thursday at noon (UK time zone)
-exact steps, get data to upload a fastq file, convert to fasta,
attempt to use fasta width formatter
-I've tried to re-upload the file
-I've tried the main galaxy server "get data" but it's been stuck at
"job waiting to run" for hours so perhaps traffic is heavy.




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