I hope I have the correct place to ask for assistance.

I've been trying to use a local install of Galaxy. I can upload data and 
convert formats (FASTq to FASTA) but can't use fasta manipulation tools like 
width formatter or collapse. I am told "No such file or directory /bin/sh: 
fasta_formatter: command not found". I don't see these in the list of tools 
with dependencies. I've used them frequently on the public website so I don't 
think this is a problem of my file formats. What am i missing? When I try to 
send a bug report through the local I get an error that mail is not configured. 

I assume i have not conducted the installation properly but I can't figure out 
what i have done wrong.

I tried to do the local install because my files on the web version have been 
sitting for many hours waiting to run.

Thanks for any help.
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