> On 21/01/13 15:26, Paul Boddie wrote:
>> On 21/01/13 15:16, Jeremy Goecks wrote:
>>> Adding the attribute
>>> target="_top"
>>> to your URL will load the URL in the main browser window rather than a 
>>> frame. E.g.
>>> <a href="controller/action" target="_top">Load result in top window</a>
>> But in the Python code itself? I'm writing an action in the user controller 
>> that should redirect to the main page after interacting with the user in the 
>> centre frame, and although I can see some JavaScript magic in various 
>> template files, along with a refresh_frames parameter, I can't get either 
>> trans.response.send_redirect or trans.fill_template to produce something 
>> that breaks out of the frameset and refreshes the entire browser window.
> Following up to myself with one solution that seemed to work: I defined a 
> template that inherits from "base.mako" and which writes a message for 
> browsers without JavaScript enabled, telling the user to follow a link to the 
> main page in the way suggested above. But in the page's JavaScript I put the 
> following:
> window.top.location.href = '${h.url_for( "/" )}';

Sure, this will accomplish what you want from the server side. You could 
generalize this approach with an option that resembles refresh_frames if you 

> It feels like a nasty hack, but I suppose that any application using frames 
> is more or less obliged to deploy JavaScript "redirects" of this nature for 
> such operations.

We're slowly transitioning Galaxy to be a single-page, HTML5/JavaScript driven 
Web application so that we can provide more flexibility and power in the UI 
like what you're after here.


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