Dear all,

Something I am conscious of every time I have directed someone
to a tool or wrapper on the Galaxy Tool Shed is the lack of nice
stable URLs. The current frame based design hinders this - and
as a result I usually just have to give the ToolShed URL and tell
them what to search for. This problem is particularly acute for
citing a tool shed entry, where a nice URL would be far better.

I appreciate moving away from the current frame interface is a
lot of work - although what Jeremy Goecks wrote last week suggests
that is a long term goal:

I would like something similar to the repository URL, but for the
ToolShed interface. e.g. The repository view for my MIRA wrapper:

Perhaps is the short-term what could be done is to enhance the
repository view, and include links between this and the current
"Tool Shed" frame based page? That way we can share a nice URL
to direct someone to a resource in the Tool Shed? e.g.

(1) When viewing an entry on the "Tool Shed", include a prominent
link to the repository URL (perhaps even with social media links like
tweet or share this to emphasise this is the best URL to share).

(2) In the header for each repo (perhaps in place of the current
Mercuiral logo?) have a link to the "Tool Shed" frameset for the
tool being viewed.


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