I'm trying to get lastz to show a locally cached reference. As I'm
used to do I went ahead and copy tool-data/lastz_seqs.loc.sample(still
included with galaxy-dist) to tool-data/lastz_seqs.loc and added my
local references. Nothing happened. I get:
galaxy.tools.parameters.dynamic_options WARNING 2013-01-28
16:42:58,203 Data table named 'lastz_seqs' is required by tool but not

I realized there are these two files in the lastz repository:

I created their minus '.sample' versions in the same locations and
added my local references to this lastz_seqs.loc, still nothing.

I finally manually edited the main tool_data_table_conf.xml adding:
    <!-- Locations of 2bit sequence files for use in Lastz -->
    <table name="lastz_seqs" comment_char="#">
        <columns>value, name, path</columns>
        <file path="tool-data/lastz_seqs.loc" />

And that did the trick. Is this the expected way of handling these cases?.

This paragraph from the wiki didn't clarify much for me:
"Tool shed repositories that contain tools that include dynamically
generated select list parameters that refer to an entry in the
tool_data_table_conf.xml file must contain a
tool_data_table_conf.xml.sample file that contains the required entry
for each dynamic parameter. Similarly, any index files (i.e.,
~/tool-data/xxx.loc files) to which the tool_data_table_conf.xml file
entries refer must be defined in xxx.loc.sample files included in the
tool shed repository along with the tools. If any of these
tool_data_table_conf.xml entries or any of the required xxx.loc.sample
files are missing from the tool shed repository, the tools will not
properly load and metadata will not be generated for the repository.
This means that the tools cannot be automatically installed into a
Galaxy instance."

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