Hi guys,

I'm trying to run MACS in my local galaxy install (see screenshot:

And I'm getting this error:

Usage: macs <-t tfile> [-n name] [-g genomesize] [options]

Example: macs -t ChIP.bam -c Control.bam -f BAM -g h -n test -w --call-subpeaks

macs: error: no such option: --lambdaset

Thanks in advance for any help.


Here's how I installed Macs (I guess it doesn't come built in?)

> cd /usr/local/galaxy/downloads/
> wget https://github.com/downloads/taoliu/MACS/MACS-1.4.2-1.tar.gz
> tar -xzvf MACS-1.4.2-1.tar.gz
> cd MACS-1.4.2
> source /usr/local/galaxy/job_environment_setup_file
> python setup.py install
> deactivate
> cd /misc/local/galaxy/galaxy_python/bin
> ln -s macs14 macs

(and made sure /misc/local/galaxy/galaxy_python/bin is on the galaxy
user's path)
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