Dear Galaxy manager,

I have a problem,
I'm actually running my RNA seq project on your galaxy on line program.
The matter is I do not have enough space. I'm running 12 times 3 to 4 mega
bit of data.

I have fews options:
1. running my samples in two times... which is quite difficult because they
are all correlate
2. deleted the first files, like the first fastq files, but I'm affraid to
have an error messages
3. to obtain more memory, just for the time of the study.

Thanks a lot for your help

*AUGUSTE Aurélie*
Post doctorante

Génétique et génomique du développement gonadique
Université Paris-Diderot/Paris 7
Institut Jacques Monod
555B - Bâtiment Buffon
15 Rue Hélène Brion
Paris Cedex 13
Phone: 0033 1 57 27 81 17
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