I would like to create a tool or a template that could list and
(re)generate key for the user you want if you are login as an admin.
I found the api_keys function in the user controller but I don't know how
to use it. It seems that the decorators before the function checked if you
are login as the good user...
I also found the mako template that used this api_keys function but it is
still unclear for me.

Here is my sql function (FULL OUTER JOIN compatibility for MySQL) that list
every keys even if they are empty :

SELECT `galaxy_user`.`id`, `api_keys`.`user_id`, `api_keys`.`key`,
`galaxy_user`.`email`, `galaxy_user`.`username`
FROM `galaxy_user`
LEFT JOIN `api_keys` on `api_keys`.`user_id` = `galaxy_user`.`id`
SELECT `galaxy_user`.`id`, `api_keys`.`user_id`, `api_keys`.`key`,
`galaxy_user`.`email`, `galaxy_user`.`username`
FROM `galaxy_user`
RIGHT JOIN `api_keys` on `api_keys`.`user_id` = `galaxy_user`.`id`

I know how to do that in PHP but it won't use python framework sqlalchemy
(= only for mysql or pgsql...) !

Morevoer I don't know how do you generate your api_keys. Is it a md5 sum
based on username / password ? Or is it just a random key with fix length ?

Any help would be gracefull,


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