Hi Joachim

I make increasingly use of the Galaxy Reports tool.  Until recently I
started it and shut it down again. Now I run it continuously. I have
noticed that a lot of the jobs listed in 'unfinished jobs' are actually

Any hint on how to clean up the database? Which table? Perhaps I can
make a Trello card: 'Provide a button to remove the jobs from the
unfinished jobs page' ?

Well, you can modify the entries in the 'job' table.....As always, be very careful when you directly access the MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

In your case I would set the state to 'error', eg:

update job set state='error' where id=123456789;

Once again be careful. I would examine each job individually. And try to figure out, why you consider the job as being finished, and Galaxy thinks the job is still running

Regards, Hans-Rudolf

Thanks for taking me further,

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