I've followed the instructions on setting up Apache Authentication (have to 
authenticate against an Active Directory server) here 
http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/Apache%20Proxy and it doesn't work 
for external display sites unfortunately.  The section on display sites 
suggests the following:

<Location "/root/display_as">
    Satisfy Any
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from hgw1.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw2.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw3.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw4.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw5.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw6.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw7.cse.ucsc.edu
    Allow from hgw8.cse.ucsc.edu

but that doesn't stop Apache requiring authentication.  Only putting the Allow 
from hgw1.csc.ucsc.edu lines in the Location "/" directive gets past that but 
then I hit another issue which didn't previously exist where I get an error 
"redirected to non-http(s): /static/user_disabled.html" which is new since I 
have had it work with this current install.  It is possible that CentOS has 
pushed an update onto my server that has changed some subtle behaviour I guess 
but it is eluding me entirely and Google isn't doing me much good (Samsung, why 
did you have to exist?!)

For the moment I've disabled the UCSC sites but that isn't a long term solution 
and I'm stuck because I have to use Apache and AD authentication so I would 
appreciate hearing from anyone who has figured out how to get this to work.


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