Did you generate the work flow from scratch or did you make a simple analysis 
in the history and extracted a work flow from that? The latter we usually do 
without problems whatever...but we don't use the mothur tools though...

[] Namens Berner, Thomas
Verzonden: maandag 26 augustus 2013 13:45
Onderwerp: [galaxy-dev] tool not runing in workflow

Hey guys,

we installed and used a tool of the mothur_toolsuite  in our local galaxy 
instance named "get.otulist", but if we want to integrate it into a workflow 
(extract from history) we get the following error for the next step:

"Error due to input mapping of 'Join two datasets' in 
'__new_primary_file_logfile|0.03.otu__'. A common cause of this is conditional 
outputs that cannot be determined until runtime, please review your workflow."

In the workflow editor only the *.html file is displayed as output but not the 
tabular file which is generated by the tool normally.
There should be an output (tabular) which we want to join with another one, but 
this doesn't work in the workflow.

Can somebody give me a hint for this?

Greetings, Thomas
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