Just been reading a bit more about the Galaxy packaging system.  Here's a 
slight modification to what I was suggesting that might fit in a bit better.  
Apologies for not being more familiar with the existing system before proposing 

Recall that my goal is to support using a system-installed (native) package, at 
a defined version, which I aim to achieve by loading the appropriate 
environment module before running a tool.

We still have tool_dependencies.xml defining a package at a particular version, 
but rather than download and build the source code, there's just a directive 
that says how to pick up the correct program version at runtime, e.g. which 
environment module to load.

So instead of the tool_dependencies.xml fragment:
    <package name="bwa" version="0.6.2">
        <install version="1.0">
                <action type="shell_command">make</action>
                <action type="move_file">
                <action type="set_environment">
                    <environment_variable name="PATH" 

We have something like this (NB: element and attribute names are for 
illustrative purposes only):

    <package name="bwa" version="0.6.2">
                <action type="module_load">bwa/0.6.2</action>

This causes the right thing (module load bwa/0.6.2) to be stuck into the 
dependencies env.sh file when this package is installed from the toolshed.  We 
could call this toolshed tool native_package_bwa_0_6_2, to avoid confusion with 
the existing download-and-make one.

We might want a bit of flexibility on what actions are supported (in case we 
want to support Software Collections, for example).

What do you think?


PS: In case it wasn't already clear, solving this problem well is quite 
important to us here at AgResearch.  ;-)

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