I want to start a discussion about the storage of tarballs to guarantee
the availability to some degree. Currently, I store most of my tarballs
in my github account, if I do not trust the official ftp/http server.
Anyone has the same problems/concerns? Is there an official

James raised that topic in one thread ... and I really want to see that
happen, to some extend:


I know it is an ambiguous task, but if Galaxy will be an reproducible
system we need to think about that issue, discuss it and make a clear
statement how far we want to go, what is feasible and what is not.
Downstream it has many implications, already now for a few IUC members.
For example it is hard to tell tool developers about reproducible
tool_dependencies if no clear statement is ever made.

A few problems that I encountered during tool development:

- 'no stable links': tarballs on a 'lab'-website will change there links
or delete old versions of tarballs
- github: I'm really not sure if the 'raw' API I use for fetching single
files or tarballs from my github account is stable and will remain. I
also think I can not put in GB of tarballs in my github account, but
currently its the best option I have
- Sometimes you need to apply patches, these need to be stored
- If I store arbitrary tarballs in my github account and the
installation routine in Galaxy, the user of my tools need a  huge level
of trust in my work. Moreover, the IUC can hardly control that (md5
checksums, next to each tarball?)

In my opinion we need a central storage, where we can put our tarballs
and so one. (mirrored ...)

Some ideas:

Two separated tool shed areas for one account: 
1. version controlled
2. non-version controlled for tarballs and redirection files/rules, to
redirect old links, maybe even redirect old repositories to new ones
(assuming the history is the same and so on?)

FTP Server with a few limitations, like file-size and authentication to
make illegal file sharings harder.

Ask the github guys if they are willing to support us?

Build on top of Open Data initiatives, like the Open Data Portal in
Swiss: http://www.bar.admin.ch/themen/01648/?lang=en

Any comments, ideas?

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