Hello all,

I'm looking at how to automatically script setting up a
Galaxy instance with selected tools with dependencies
as part of automated testing [*].

Can the Galaxy API be used to run the dependency
instructions in a tool_dependencies.xml file (without
using a Tool Shed)?

Or more generally, can the Galaxy API be used to install
a Tool Shed package from disk (i.e. point it at the files
which would normally be uploaded to a Tool Shed)?

Or, for an automated installation of local tools must
I first setup a local Tool Shed and upload the tools



[*] I'm using the TravisCI system for automated testing
of my Galaxy tools now hosted on GitHub, which
works by running the tests on a clean virtual machine:

This means I need to automate the installation of Galaxy
(easy), the tools I wish to test and their dependencies.

This configuration would be less effort (and a more useful
test) if it could mimic tool and dependency installation
from the Tool Shed by reading my dependency XML
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