Hi all,

The download URL seems not to be accepted in tool_dependencies.xml. It is an URL from sourceforge, the direct link to a package.

The error upon uploading the tool to my toolshed:
Metadata may have been defined for some items in revision '5665a799775d'. Correct the following problems if necessary and reset metadata. tool_dependencies.xml - Exception attempting to parse /mnt/toolsheddb/database/000/repo_26/tool_dependencies.xml: not well-formed (invalid token): line 6, column 149

The tool_dependencies.xml file:
1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
2 <tool_dependency>
3 <package name="transpose" version="2.0.0">
4        <install version="1.0">
5             <actions>
6 <action type="download_by_url">http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/transpose/transpose/transpose-2.0/2.0/transpose-2.0.zip?r=&ts=1380535239&use_mirror=surfnet</action>
7                <action type="shell_command">mkdir bin</action>
8 <action type="shell_command">unzip transpose-2.0.zip</action>
                <action type="shell_command">cd transpose-2.0/src</action>
<action type="shell_command">gcc transpose.c -o transpose</action>
                <action type="move_file">
<action type="shell_command">chmod +x $INSTALL_DIR/bin/transpose</action>
                <action type="set_environment">
<environment_variable name="PATH" action="prepend_to">$INSTALL_DIR/bin</environment_variable>
        Compiling transpose and putting in the path.


Joachim Jacob
Contact details: http://www.bits.vib.be/index.php/about/80-team

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