On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 10:43 PM, Guest, Simon
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> At Fri, 27 Sep 2013 00:23:37 -0500,
> John Chilton wrote:
>> Simon,
>> What is the advantage of putting that XML definition in the tool shed?
>> It is not 100% true because of prior_install_required dependencies,
>> but for the most part sourcing/load the environment for tools is a
>> Galaxy problem, not so much a tool shed one. What if we did this
>> instead?
>> Add an option to Galaxy's universe_wsgi.ini with the following default:
>> tool_dependency_resolution_order = gx_package_manual, gx_package_toolshed
>> Which essentially implements my idea above, with James' additional
>> configuration. But which can be overridden as:
>> tool_dependency_resolution_order = plugin_module, gx_package_manual,
>> gx_package_toolshed
>> If set this way then placing <requirement
>> package="0.5.9">bwa</requirement> in a tool will result in the module
>> bwa/0.5.9 being loaded if it is 'avail'able, else it will check for a
>> manually installed env.sh (which is where MSI is currently putting its
>> module loads), and else it will fallback to source the tool shed
>> installed dependency.
>> I feel like this will give you everything you want without any extra
>> XML or configuration. Let me know if I am wrong.
> Hi John,
> I think you're right.  Your scheme is neater than what I was
> proposing.  The extra flexibility I was aiming at via some toolshed
> XML stuff appears not to be necessary upon further reflection.  (I
> wanted to ensure a Galaxy admin could just install some RPMs, install
> a toolshed tool, and have everything resolve nicely.  You seem to have
> achieved that with your scheme.)
> I haven't had a chance to try your code yet, but as soon as I can I
> will do so, and get back to you.
> If I leave out gx_package_toolshed altogether from
> tool_dependency_resolution_order, will the tool installation in Galaxy
> simply fail with a nice error message if the environment module and/or
> env.sh files are not found?  (This is what I would like, as it would
> serve as a prompt to the Galaxy admin to install some extra RPMs or
> whatever.)

First tool_dependency_resolution_order is not how I landed up
implementing it. Each "resolver" may need parameters so I decided to
do an XML configuration kind of like Nate's job_conf.xml stuff. So to
leave the tool shed stuff off you can just add
dependency_resolvers_conf.xml to your Galaxy root.

  <galaxy_packages />
  <modules />
  <modules versionless="true" />

You can also just leave galaxy_packages off if you are not using any
manually installed env.sh files.

The first modules resolver will try to match each tag like this:

  <requirement type="package" version="3.0.1">R</requirement>

with a module load like:


if that exact module is available. The second versionless form of the
tag will result in Galaxy just falling back to auto-load whatever the
default R module is if the exact version specified (3.0.1) is not

This code doesn't touch the tool shed at all, so if you check to
install dependencies, they will still be installed and if you don't
they will not be installed. This configuration just tells the Galaxy
how to use the dependencies that happen to be installed. You will need
to review installed tools and make sure you have matching modules.
Additionally, some tools may use this set_environment requirement
type, I am not sure how to implement this or how prevalent its use is.


> Will this also work for those toolshed packages which bundle their
> package definitions (to download, make and install the tool
> dependency) along with their wrappers?

Can you opt not to install packages for such repositories? Either way,
the answer is I guess the same as above, the tool shed is unchanged,
its just how Galaxy utilizes the installed dependencies that is being
modified here.

> Thanks for working on this.
> cheers,
> Simon
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