Dear Galaxy Gurus,

I have been requested to find a way to tag each job (created when running 
a workflow) with a "Project ID".
The user would have the possibility to enter a "Project ID" (maybe as a 
workflow parameter) and then, some mechanism would link all of these jobs 
with the "Project ID".

Ultimately, the goal would be to create reports on our computer resources 
utilisation (total CPU time each project consumed). This would be really 
helpful in understanding the costs associated with the projects analyses.
I know I can use the "job_runner_external_id" to retrieve the actual CPU 
usages but I still need to find a way to associate the jobs with the 
"Project ID".

As of now, I don't see any *clean* way to do this.
Anyone would have an idea on how I could implement this feature?  Or tell 
me if it's not possible at all?

Many thanks for your help.
Galaxy is just incredible!

Jean-Fran├žois Payotte
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