Hi, Everyone,

I ended up applying latest changeset (11247), and it appears that the style
diretory of Galaxy has changed a bit (it looks like the new Makefile under
the style directory implements grunt).  So, I installed npm, and ran nmp
install, installed grunt-cli, and got everything to build without an error
(i.e. make ran and reported 'Done, without errors').

So, it looks like I might actually have this working.  At least I was able
to get grunt to build a base.css.  So,perhaps I will not need help after
all.  I'll mess around with this a little bit and message the list again if
I need further assistance.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read
my post.

Dan Sullivan

On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 3:09 PM, Daniel Patrick Sullivan <
dansulli...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi, Galaxy Developers,
> I have searched the wiki and the mailing list and I can't seem to find an
> answer to this question (if there is a wiki page or a post that I missed, I
> apologize).  Presumably there is a preferred way to do what I'm trying to
> do.
> I basically want to make some small cosmetic changes to Galaxy's CSS
> styling (base.css).  These are very minor, and all involve overriding
> existing styles.  I've successfully done this by copying the 'blue' theme,
> making my changes, and re-routing this though apache's redirect, for
> example:
> RewriteRule ^/static/style/(.*)
> /group/galaxy_test/galaxy-dist/static/MyCustom/$1
> This is all find and good.  It works.  The problem is when I update
> galaxy.  Things get kind of stagnant and changes from the repository are
> not propaged into my custom style.
> I noticed that there appear to be some theme generation script
> capabilities in galaxy-dist/static/style, for example make_style.py.  There
> also appears to be some color stub ini file (blue_colors.ini).  Whenever I
> try to launch make_style.py, it bombs out with:
> "NOTE: This script is no longer used for generating stylesheets"
> Invoking 'make INI=blue_colors.ini OUT=blue' instead.
> The execution of the referred to command fails with a parse errors on
> base.less and reset.less.
> So, I guess my question is:
> Is there a preferred method to override existing styling in base.css (of
> the blue template) such that modifications to the default style are merged
> in from Mercurial?
> I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.  Thank you so much
> I wish you a wonderful day.
> Dan Sullivan
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