I've tried reinstalling from scratch in case there was a problem when I updated 
the last time.  I am still having trouble logging in.  The "broken pipe"  error 
message has nothing to do with the failed logins.

The logins are successful as far as authentication goes ( I get no error 
message, if I put in the wrong password I do get an error message ).  However, 
after login the user is redirected to the last page they were on and does not 
appear to be logged in (no history, clicking on user gives the login or 
register options).

If I sent logins so that anonymous logins are not allowed I always get sent 
back to the login page.

I've looked through the archives for a similar problem and not found anything 
relevant.  I've tried using the stable version of the latest build as well as 
the development version.  No joy on either.

Is there something I've missed?


From: Briand, Sheldon
Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2014 2:26 PM
To: 'galaxy-dev@lists.bx.psu.edu'
Subject: after update unable to login


I had a working local install of galaxy.  I wanted to install gatk2 and wasn't 
able to install it.  I upgraded and I am now unable to log in to galaxy.

I should note that I am relatively new to galaxy.  I had a previously logged in 
admin session (before the update).  So I am able to see that galaxy (after the 
update) believes, by checking the manage users admin page, I have newly logged 
in on another browser.  The session, however, shows no indication that I am 
logged in other than not showing an error.  Usually I end up back at the last 
page I was viewing before I logged in.   Clicking on user doesn't show me as 
logged in, I have no history, and there is no admin tab.

I have a nginx proxy setup.

Paster.log shows a "Broken pipe" error when I login from nginx.   I show no 
error when I log in directly via the galaxy server.  The results are the same.  
I upgraded from database version 115 to version 117.

Is there an easy fix?


Sheldon Briand
NRC Research Computing Support Analyst
Research Computing Support / Soutien Informartique a la Recherche
Operations, Science Portfolio / Operations, Portefeuil des sciences
Rm 329A, 1411 Oxford Street / Piece 329A, 1411 Rue Oxford
Halifax, NS  B3H 3Z1
902 426-1677

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