Greg Von Kuster <greg@...> writes:
> On Nov 9, 2012, at 12:56 AM, Derrick Lin wrote:
> > Also how does this change affect the existing shed tools like BWA that
is using tool_data_table_conf.xml?
> The existing shed tools will contiue to function as usual, but entries for
them will be in the tool_data_table_conf.xml file.  ANy new tools installed
from the tool shed that use entries like this will be added to the new
shed_tool_data_table_conf.xml file.  Entries from both of these files are
loaded into the ToolDataTableManager.  The intent is for the Galaxy admin to
be able to manuall make changes to the tool_data_table_conf.xml file and not
have them munged by the tool shed's installation process.  This is the same
approach used for the tool_conf.xml file, where the Galaxy tool shed
repository installation process uses the shed_tool_conf.xml file.

Reviving an old thread...

I noticed that when I install a repository from the Tool Shed which contains
a tool_data_table_conf.xml.sample , the sample files mentioned therein are
copied to:
- tool-data/ (with AND without .sample extension)
- tool-data/ (without
.sample extension)
The tool_data_table_conf.xml file in
tool-data/ references the
files in the same directory, so I find the duplication confusing.

Moreover, there is an increasing number of repositories which install the
same .loc files, e.g.:
- the 4 cufflinks tools plus sam_pileup, sam_to_bam and samtools_mpileup
install fasta_indexes.loc ;
- blat, lastz and lastz_paired_reads install lastz_seqs.loc .
I suppose it was made to prevent repositories from getting in each other's
way, but I see 2 problems:
- system administrators have to manually hard-link these files;
- duplications in shed_tool_data_table_conf.xml generate errors like:
  " ERROR 2014-01-17 15:29:41,409 Attempted to add fields
(['hg19full', 'hg19', 'Human Feb. 2009 (GRCh37/hg19) (hg19) Full',
'/mnt/genome/hg19/sam_index/hg19full/hg19full.fa']) to data table
'fasta_indexes', but this entry already exists and allow_duplicates is False."



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