After following some of the links that this thread referenced (since it is 
totally related to the one I put in on friday), I found the "rollback" 
solution, to disable pbkdf2 authentication.  I did attempt pbkdf2 for a while, 
but openssl upgrade and pbkdf2 recompile issues have led me to drop that.  Can 
someone PLEASE document the pbkdf2 issues and this disable feature on the 
galaxy wiki page:

   Message: 2 
   Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 17:08:24 +0000
   From: "Hazard, E. Starr" <>
   Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] ProFFTPd-1.3.4d no longer able to authenticate 
users from Postgresql database

   So I tried a new version of ProFTPd
   I was not able to locate lines in universe_wsgi.ini which disable PBKDF2

The answer here does switch the passwords back to SHA1 format: (See )

>>> Ahoj Honzo,
>>> Python is case-sensitive. Use 'use_pbkdf2 = False' and make sure you put
>>> it under the '[app:main]' section in the config file.
>>> Enjoy Galaxy!
>>> best
>>> Martin Cech
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