I'm trying to use the API to upload data into galaxy, setting the access
and modify roles as I do so.

I've managed to get the roles working for the libraries (using
LIBRARY_ACCESS_in and LIBRARY_MODIFY_in) but when it's uploaded the access
roles for the datasets are all set to my personal role. I had a poke about
the form for modifying the permissions of a dataset and took a shot at
setting DATATSET_ACCESS_in but with no luck.

Is it possible to set the access role for individual datasets using the
API? Would this be possible to do at the upload stage or would I need to go
over each of the datasets in the library after they've been uploaded and
set the access role?

Many thanks,

Joe Ward

(First time posting to anything like this, so please let me know if I've
not gone into enough detail etc)
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