Hi all,

I'm looking for examples of tools which take multiple input
files (one or more, determined at run time) and produce
multiple output files (one for each input file). Any
specific suggestions?

I have a number of sequence filtering/renaming tools
where this might be useful - in some cases taking
multiple input files and producing a single output is
fine, but in general I'd like to know how to preserve a
one to one mapping from input files to output files.

I realise this may overlap slightly with the work John is
doing on dataset collections, but for now I'd like to target
the current Galaxy feature set.

In some of the simpler cases, if I have N input datasets
and want N output files, I can just run the tool N times .
This means more steps in the Galaxy GUI, but it isn't
very complicated.

However, for the current problem I need access to all
the inputs at once for setting overall data derived


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