The current code in: lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/
only searches the top layer of the dict to find the dependency value.

A fix is provide in pull request:
#343: Need to traverse the other_value dict to find dependencies for ParamValueFilter 

SnpEff  tool_config

        <param format="vcf,tabular,pileup,bed" name="input" type="data" label="Sequence 
changes (SNPs, MNPs, InDels)"/>
        <conditional name="snpDb">
            <param name="genomeSrc" type="select" label="Genome source">
                <option value="cached">Locally installed reference 
                <option value="history">Reference genome from your 
                <option value="named">Named on demand</option>
            <when value="cached">
                <param name="genomeVersion" type="select" label="Genome">
                    <!--GENOME    DESCRIPTION-->
                    <options from_data_table="snpeff_genomedb">
                           <filter type="unique_value" column="0" />
                <param name="extra_annotations" type="select" display="checkboxes" 
multiple="true" label="Additional Annotations">
                       <help>These are available for only a few genomes</help>
                       <options from_data_table="snpeff_annotations">
                           <filter type="param_value" ref="genomeVersion" key="genome" 
column="0" />
                           <filter type="unique_value" column="1" />

When running workflow:   input.vcf ->  SnpEff

The values in ParamValueFilter filter_options function:

|>>>| ||self*.*ref_name||

||>>>| ||other_values||
|{u'spliceSiteSize': '1', u'filterHomHet': 'no_filter', u'outputFormat': 'vcf', 
u'filterOut': None, u'inputFormat': 'vcf', u'filterIn': 'no_filter', u'udLength': 
'5000', u'generate_stats': True, u'noLog': True, u'chr': 'None', u'intervals': None, 
u'snpDb': {'extra_annotations': None, 'regulation': None, 'genomeVersion': 
'GRCh37.71', 'genomeSrc': 'cached', '__current_case__': 0}, u'offset': '', u'input': 
< object at 0x11451b8d0>, 
u'transcripts': None, u'annotations': ['-canon', '-lof', '-onlyReg']}
Since |||'genomeVersion' isn't in the keys of other_values, but rather in 
this failed the assertion:
||||||||||        assert self.ref_name in other_values, "Required dependency '%s' 
not found in incoming values" % self.ref_name

Pull request |||||343:
|||||$ hg diff lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/
diff -r 95517f976cca lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/
--- a/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/ Thu Feb 27 16:56:25 2014 
+++ b/lib/galaxy/tools/parameters/ Fri Feb 28 11:37:04 2014 
@@ -177,8 +177,27 @@
         return self.ref_name
     def filter_options( self, options, trans, other_values ):
         if trans is not None and trans.workflow_building_mode: return []
-        assert self.ref_name in other_values, "Required dependency '%s' not found 
in incoming values" % self.ref_name
-        ref = other_values.get( self.ref_name, None )
+        ## Depth first traversal to find the value for a dependency
+        def get_dep_value(param_name, dep_name, cur_val, layer):
+            dep_val = cur_val
+            if isinstance(layer, dict ):
+                if dep_name in layer:
+                    dep_val = layer[dep_name]
+                if param_name in layer:
+                    return dep_val
+                else:
+                    for l in layer.itervalues():
+                        dep_val = get_dep_value(param_name, dep_name, dep_val, 
+                        if dep_val:
+                            break
+            elif isinstance( layer, list):
+                for l in layer:
+                    dep_val = get_dep_value(param_name, dep_name, dep_val, l)
+                    if dep_val:
+                        break
+            return None
+        ref = get_dep_value(, 
self.ref_name, None, other_values)
+        assert not ref, "Required dependency '%s' not found in incoming 
values" % self.ref_name
         for ref_attribute in self.ref_attribute:
             if not hasattr( ref, ref_attribute ):
                 return [] #ref does not have attribute, so we cannot filter, 
return empty list

James E. Johnson, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, University of Minnesota
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