Hi List,

I've noticed that the mechanisms for catching job termination signals don't 
seem to apply to uploading jobs. I was having trouble with *any* jobs being 
terminated until I pulled Nate's changeset 1298d3f from Galaxy central, but it 
still doesn't work for uploads. It will remove them from the history, but if I 
restart Galaxy, they are put back into the history (whether or not there is 
anything actually happening). If the upload.py script is actively running and I 
delete the job, the history item comes back up during the next watch cycle. 
I've been experimenting with staging files as part of a job and I notice that 
if I set the job state to upload during the staging, the job never gets marked 
as deleted or deleted_new if I try to remove it from the history with the X 
button - so the logic I have to stop the upload is never run.

Thanks for any insight,

Carrie Ganote
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