Hi Nicola,

Perchance, do you know what type of validator I can put to ensure that the
string input is does not consist of only whitespace? Such a string is
still invalid for my tool, but counts as a string.

Ravi Sanka
ICS ­ Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
J. Craig Venter Institute

On 4/9/14 2:35 PM, "Sanka, Ravi" <rsa...@jcvi.org> wrote:

>Hi Nicola,
>Thank you. I tried the validator as you illustrated, and it worked
>Ravi Sanka
>ICS ­ Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
>J. Craig Venter Institute
>On 4/9/14 11:06 AM, "Nicola Soranzo" <sora...@crs4.it> wrote:
>>Il 2014-04-09 17:00 Sanka, Ravi ha scritto:
>>> Greetings,
>>> I am adding a new tool to our in-house Galaxy, which has a few string
>>> inputs. I have made each one a text param in the XML, but want to
>>> ensure that the user does not leave any empty when he executes the
>>> tool.
>>> How can I do this? I tried setting the optional field of each text
>>> param to false, but that doesn't work since, technically, an empty
>>> string still counts as a string.
>>> Is there a minimum length setting I can enforce?
>>Hi Ravi,
>>you should use a validator, as in the following example:
>><param name="rgid" type="text" label="Read group identifier (ID)">
>>     <validator type="empty_field" />

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