Python code in galaxy tools can import all sorts of modules.  Is there a way to 
add an extra path to the sys.path so that I can include some other python 
modules that way? I.e. in some galaxy python config file?

I'd like to say in my tool code

    HTMLReportModule = __import__(html_template)
    htmlManager = HTMLReportModule.HTMLReport(tagGroup, options, query_stats)
    htmlManager.render(out_tabular_file, out_html_file)

and in this way provide a switch from a standard report template that my galaxy 
tool has in its folder, to a custom one that a client has fiddled with and is 
comfortably outside galaxy's codespace.  The html_template variable would have 
'templates.html_report' for the stock template, but  
'custom_templates.html_report' would pull it from wherever was set in the path. 
 Seems like a secure approach.  (I don't want to pass the paths via the 

Thanks for your help!

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