Hey folks!  I'm trying to revise a tool that allows the user to select from an 
extendable list of template files for generating blast report output.  The idea 
is that if some reporting needs aren't covered by a generic template, then they 
can develop their own template which can then show up on the list.  And, 
wanting this to work with a tool that is versioned in the toolshed!  

1) is there a way to include a .loc.sample in the tool that gets uploaded, and 
then can be manually revised over time?  A .loc file that subsequent versions 
of the tool would reuse (instead of using their own minimal one that comes with 
toolshed install)?

I can simply have the default template in the tools code folder, since it is 
apt to be upgraded over time.  Custom reports would have their own absolute 
file paths defined in the .loc file.  

Thanks for your input!

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