The cluster under our galaxy server will be down for a WEEK, so it can be 
The fileserver that hosts the galaxy datasets, the galaxy server and the galaxy 
database will stay up.

What's the most elegant way to disable people's ability to run new jobs, 
without blocking them from browsing existing histories and downloading/viewing 
their data?

Our configuration:
                External Auth
                                universe_wsgi.ini:use_remote_user = True
                Job runner: SGE
                                universe_wsgi.ini:start_job_runners = drmaa
                and the new_file_path and job_working_directories are on a 
fileserver that will be down.
grep -H /scratch/share/galaxy universe_wsgi.ini
universe_wsgi.ini:file_path = /scratch/share/galaxy/staging  # available
universe_wsgi.ini:new_file_path = /scratch/share/galaxy/temp  # down
universe_wsgi.ini:job_working_directory = 
/scratch/share/galaxy/job_working_directory # down

We'd rather something nicer than just letting the jobs go to the queue and 
never get run.


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