Hi Jun,

Thanks for the clarification - I did not read your question carefully
enough, sorry.

I don't think this is possible. What I would use is just:

      <param name="type" type="select" label="BLAST type">
              <option value="blastn">BLASTN, for DNA against DNA</option>
             <option value="blastp">BLASTP, for protein against protein</option>



On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 10:29 PM, Jun Fan <j....@qmul.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>      I am afraid that the link you gave me could not solve the problem. The 
> question I asked is about the help element, not the label attribute for data 
> element.
>      To clarify my question, here is the code which does not work, but shows 
> what I intend to do:
> <conditional name="blast">
>         <param name="type" type="select" label="BLAST type">
>                 <option value="blastn">BLASTN</option>
>                 <option value="blastp">BLASTP</option>
>         </param>
>         <when value="blastn">
>                 <help>BLAST DNA against DNA</help>
>                 <param...>
>         </when>
>         <when value="blastp">
>                 <help>BLAST protein against protein</help>
>                 <param...>
>         </when>
> </conditional>
>       I tried to set the help content according to the selected type, which 
> works like a section header to the following param list.
>       Obviously this does not work. Then I tried a less-fancy way by 
> providing static help context by adding <help> under select param like
>         <param name="type" type="select" label="BLAST type">
>                 <help>BLASTN: BLAST DNA against DNA, BLASTP: BLAST protein 
> against protein</help>
>                 <option value="blastn">BLASTN</option>
>       Of course it works but in an ugly formatting text. Is there any 
> document to format it nicely, e.g. a list?
> Best regards!
> Jun
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