I have been reading some docs about cloudman and I am thinking to give
it a try, but I have a few doubts about it.

1) I have read in the wiki that it's only available in region US East
(Virginia). Will it be available in Ireland region?

2) I see I need to attach EBS volumes to my head node to host the
software and data. I think EBS volumes have a max size of 1TB. Which
would be the approach if I need a filesystem bigger than 1TB?

3) Is possible to customize compute nodes with extra packages or
config files? I suppose once the compute nodes are up and running I
could ssh to them and do any modification but if the auto-scaling
feature launch new compute nodes those new lauched nodes would not
have my custom modifications. Is possible to do modifications that
keep persistent even for new launched compute nodes?

thank you very much for your help.
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