Hi Pablo,

1) I have read in the wiki that it's only available in region US East
> (Virginia). Will it be available in Ireland region?

This is currently true, though we're hoping to mirror to other regions soon.

> 2) I see I need to attach EBS volumes to my head node to host the
> software and data. I think EBS volumes have a max size of 1TB. Which
> would be the approach if I need a filesystem bigger than 1TB?

You are correct that the maximum EBS volume size is 1TB.  We have an S3
object store in development (beta-ish, though some are already using it)
that will replace the primary EBS-based storage as the default cloud galaxy
object store using (free) instance ephemeral storage for the lifespan of a
cluster, having all datasets persisted to S3 for the long term.  This is on
my roadmap to do this year, if the time-frame is useful.

3) Is possible to customize compute nodes with extra packages or
> config files? I suppose once the compute nodes are up and running I
> could ssh to them and do any modification but if the auto-scaling
> feature launch new compute nodes those new lauched nodes would not
> have my custom modifications. Is possible to do modifications that
> keep persistent even for new launched compute nodes?

Sure, you can do this using a worker post start script configured for your
cluster.  See 'worker_post_start_script_url' at
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