No sure if this will help but you may want to check this. We just fixed a 
problem from uploading small files via the ftp directory. Our nfs mount was set 
to cache file meta data about every 30 sec. This proved problematic when 
uploading a small fasta file that previously uploaded.  Every time we tried 
uploading, it finished with no errors but was empty. Turning the nfs caching 
off fixed this.

From: Iry Witham <<>>
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:34 AM
To: "<>" 
Subject: [galaxy-dev] Upload file not working with new install

Hi Team,

I have installed a fresh version of Galaxy and am having an issue with the 
'Upload File' tool.  When I attempt to use it it just sits and spins.  No data 
gets uploaded.  I have looked through the universe.wsgi.ini file and cannot 
find anything there that stands out.  Can you point me to a possible solution?


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