Dear All

have very little experience in this area and probably making a very basic 
mistake but I am trying to load the hg38 reference genome into a local instance 
of galaxy (not installed by myself) using ‘Create DBkey and reference genome’ 
using ‘hg38’ in the UCSC DBkey option box(es) but keep getting the following 
error message either

‘invalid DBkey”


'Exception: Unable to determine filename for UCSC Genome for hg38: ['.', '..', 
'est.fa.gz', 'est.fa.gz.md5', 'mrna.fa.gz', 'mrna.fa.gz.md5', 'refMrna.fa.gz', 
'refMrna.fa.gz.md5', 'xenoMrna.fa.gz', 'xenoMrna.fa.gz.md5', 
'xenoRefMrna.fa.gz', 'xenoRefMrna.fa.gz.md5', 'analysisSet', 'README.txt', 
'hg38.2bit', 'hg38.agp.gz', 'hg38.chromFa.tar.gz', 'hg38.chromFaMasked.tar.gz', 
'hg38.fa.align.gz', 'hg38.fa.gz', 'hg38.fa.masked.gz', 'hg38.fa.out.gz', 
'hg38.trf.bed.gz', 'md5sum.txt’]

Could anybody point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks


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