After uploading my beta status tool to our test toolshed, I tried installing it 
on another of our galaxy servers but it wasn't able to find the api endpoint 
url.  Is there a way to automatically do this within tool forms?  I was hoping 
to avoid hardcoding this as part of the tool installation process.  I'd thought 
I had it automated:

In tool's form, a dynamic_options param 
        <param name="api_url" display="radio" type="drill_down" label="For user 
with Galaxy API Key" dynamic_options="vdb_init_tool_user(__trans__)" />

was able to pass "trans" galaxy structure so I got as far as this python:
        self.api_url = 'http://' + 

... but this yeilds 

rather than what's needed, the path to a particular installation:  

I couldn't find a way to read the /galaxylab/ setting from the (slightly dated) 
universe_wsgi.ini config file - without say reading the file and parsing it.  
Is there an __app__.config.prefix or somesuch variable where this info is?


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